"Blue Blazer
The Red Meanies"



As the intergalactic space hero, The Blue Blazer, your mission is to defend the galaxy against the vicious onslaught of The Red Meanies!! Point your guns at them and fire! The galaxy will never know peace until the Meanies have been defeated!!!

(story is a work in progress)

Your ship, the large blue ship in the center, must avoid the attacks of the smaller red ships. Controls are similar to those of "Asteroids" -- your ship may:

In addition, you can perform "special moves", designed to stabilize your ship for greater control:


Developer's Notes:

last update: 3/5/2009

Readjusted player HP back to 50. Fixed an HTML bug, Flash file is now centered in the window. Starting to implement a menu system for the beginning of the game -- this will showcase the beginnings of the customization and upgrade systems I've got planned... stay tuned!

update: 2/28/2009

New sound effects. Added rocket trail graphic effect. Dropped player HP to 10 points for testing purposes, so it's very challenging right now! Implemented fade-to-black system of transition between menu and gameplay. Fixed pause menu bug where keyboard listnener was still active while paused. Tweaked rotation graphic, removed debug "navigation lines". Zoomed out perspective; everything looks smaller, wider view of gameplay.

update: 12/7/2008

Tweaked camera movement slightly, should feel less "drunk" while playing. New background art added and functional. Rotates with player movement. Placeholder sound and music implemented. The background music was generated from SuperCollider, a real-time audio synthesis engine I downloaded recently. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make files with it, but it turns out to be very easy. This is very good news... :^)

Except for the background asteriod-belt graphic, there is no art in this game; every graphic is drawn at run-time using the Flash graphics functions. I'm doing this because I want to keep graphics as streamlined as possible for performance reasons, but maybe this method actually is too expensive... There will be a lot of rotating and scaling when this gets fleshed out, so I'm sticking with vector art. At some point I might replace them with vector graphics files, depending on the overhead.

COMING SOON: Better sounds, some new special effects!